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Fans of the hit show Arrested Development, which went off the air nearly 7 years ago, have been deprived of the crazy antics of the Bluths for way too long. 

The dysfunctional family has been off our TV horizons for awhile, but it looks like they’re officially coming back!

We’ve heard rumors and read statements coming out from the cast and crew about a new season of the show, but now we have proof it is already on its way.

DETAILS: Don’t Call It A Comeback: “Arrested Development” Returns – For Real!

Jason Bateman, who plays the lead role of Michael Bluth on the show, tweeted a photo this weekend of Michael Cera, who plays the son of Michael, George-Michael.

The two were hanging out on the old set of the hilarious show, which looks like it’s being renovated into a new set!

He captioned the photo:

“My son, arriving yesterday”

DETAILS: The Bluths Are Back! “Arrested Development” Returns For Another Season And A Movie!

The show will be filming a 10-episode season that will go straight to Netflix in 2013, followed by an Arrested Development movie!

TV has been without the Bluths for so long, and now we are about to go into overload. We can’t wait!


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