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When she’s not slaying red carpets with her brother or delivering heartfelt speeches dedicated to her mom, Willow Smith is in the studio recording new music. Following the release of “Susside,” Willow delivers a new melodic cut titled “twentyfourtyeight 2.0,” in partnership with Superbad actor Michael Cera. The 90-second song features Willow harmonizing over the calm, billowing […]

Mila Kunis is getting extra cozy with James Franco… on-screen that is! The two famous actors star in the upcoming film Color Of Time, which follows the life and love story of poet C.K. Williams. Needless to say, Mila & James getting pretty close for the movie. Sharing an intimate kiss, Mila’s character can’t keep her hands […]

Rihanna got super bad on the set of This Is The End during an epic party scene with Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. We got our hands on these exclusive flicks from Seth Rogen’s new comedy that takes place during a star studded party at James Franco’s house right before the apocalypse happens. Our girl […]

Rihanna slapped the living crap out of Michael Cera for grabbing her booty!  Yes Rihanna, the one who always poses half naked and smoking kush, slapped Michael Cera, the skinny dude from Superbad.  VIDEO: PURE COMEDY! James Franco Sings Rihanna’s “You Da One” RiRi did it all for the new movie This Is The End, directed by […]

Fans of the hit show Arrested Development, which went off the air nearly 7 years ago, have been deprived of the crazy antics of the Bluths for way too long.  The dysfunctional family has been off our TV horizons for awhile, but it looks like they’re officially coming back! We’ve heard rumors and read statements […]

Finally, the Bluth Family is back! Creator Mitchell Hurwitz has confirmed that the ridiculously funny Fox show Arrested Development will be back on television for a limited season, followed by the release of a feature length movie. This news almost makes you want to rush to the nearest frozen banana stand! EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Reynolds And Jason Bateman […]


    October 2nd marks the anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. The political and spiritual leader of India during the Indian independence movement, Gandhi preached a message of non-violence and civil disobedience, his ideals influenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which forever changed American society, and as I witnessed what happened to Derrion Albert […]