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When she’s not slaying red carpets with her brother or delivering heartfelt speeches dedicated to her mom, Willow Smith is in the studio recording new music.

Following the release of “Susside,” Willow delivers a new melodic cut titled “twentyfourtyeight 2.0,” in partnership with Superbad actor Michael Cera. The 90-second song features Willow harmonizing over the calm, billowing Cera-produced beat. The 15-year-old can also be heard reciting poetry in the background.

“I am kinda seeing a yellowish hue, um, the shape is kinda nebulous, um, it’s warm, it definitely encompasses me and all that is,” she says.

No word on if Willow will release a full project, but we can hope. Take a listen to “twentyfortyeight 2.0” below.

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