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Before Apple ever gets the chance to unveil their new hardware, someone always beats them to the punch. 

The release of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 is not much of a stretch from the norm with Apple when it comes to rumors, but this time we’ve got a little video straight out of China. 

VIDEO: RUMOR PATROL: Proof That The iPhone Plus Will Indeed Have A Larger Screen

The video is said to be taken in the factory where the iPhones are being generated, but there is no confirmation on that. 

In the video, the device boasts the same casing that was leaked in photos earlier this month that, if true, would prove that the iPhone 4S’s younger sibling includes a longer display and smaller 19-pin connector. If we are going off what is shown in the video, the new iPhone will also have a uni-body metal enclosure, larger speaker grill and a headphone jack at the bottom instead of the top.

STORY: Rumor Patrol! iPhone 5 Summer 2012: Huge Screen, Waterproof

This is all just one big Apple jigsaw puzzle that will eventually come together in October when Apple is rumored to be making the big announcement. 

Check out the video above to see what may be your next favorite gadget.