Those days of flipping over your couch to intercept your significant other from taking a peek in your iPhone are gone, if you plan on upgrading to the iPhone 5S that is. According to new speculations, the phone will be released at Apple’s next scheduled press release, which will take place on September 10th. But […]

Earlier, we reported that Apple was releasing a new iPhone this summer. Now we’re hearing that not only is it coming out, but it’s also going to be a whole lot cheaper. In a recent phone interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a rare comment divulging what we can expect from his company later this year, “I’m […]

Could the rumors for the new iPhone be put to rest now?! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that according to people familiar with the device’s production, the new iPhone will be coming out this summer. The analysts agree, although an Apple spokeswoman declined to comment. PHOTOS: New Frameless Patent Design For the iPhone Revealed! In addition, […]

Watch out iPhone, BlackBerry may be back in a major way.  RIM has finally unveiled its next generation BlackBerry today with a lineup of smartphones that may put them on a whole new playing field.  STORY: Leak Time! Photos Of The Next Generation BlackBerry Hit The Web The company has added some things and dropped some […]

  We were gone from the app game for a minute, but now we are back in action and making it accessible and easy to get your fill of Hip-Pop news on the fly.  The completely re-vamped application for the iPhone allows you to check out our site in its entirety while giving you exclusive access […]

It’s 2013 and we’re all about the sophisticated iPhone 5 cases.  In comes the brand new MapiCases leather Tion iPhone 5 Cases, which double as a holder for all your important cards.  This swagged out wallet leather phone case comes equipped with three card pockets on the back; it holds your credit, debit, or ID […]

Serena and Venus Williams aren’t just competitive on the tennis court, apparently they will serve you in a game of table tennis as well – at least in your dreams.  PHOTOS: Serena Shows Off Her Bangin’ Bikini Body While Soaking Up The Bahamas Sun The Williams sisters are the subject of the latest Apple iPhone 5 […]

It’s a conversation we have all had: Why aren’t there any black Emojis? Sure we understand there are the yellow ones that are understood to be multi-racial and multi-ethnic, but if we have every other ethnicity, why not some brown Emojis?  STORY: PLEASE, BELIEVE IT! Miley Cyrus & Meek Mill Hit The Studio Together Most of […]

You talk and apparently Apple listens.  After launching their iPhone 5 and new iOS 6 software, everyone was gushing about all the new features, but consumers weren’t too pleased with the change to their old reliable iOS 5 version of Google Maps, a feature that received little complaint save for the lack of turn-by-turn spoken […]

The iPhone 5 practically just came out, but there are already rumblings about the inevitable iPhone 5S. Usually there’s about a year between releases of the regular iPhone and the S model, however we have a first look at a few images of the updated iPhone 5 – right now. STORY: How The iPhone 5 Can Help […]

So you finally got the iPhone 5. Maybe you’ve had it for quite some time now, but either way, you’ve gotta get a case on it. The worst thing that can happen to a new phone is that one unfortunate drop that leaves the screen shattered! PHOTOS: KICK GAME: 10 Of October’s Coolest Sneakers Luckily […]

Maybe you had the iPhone 4S and then ran out on September 21st and bought the iPhone 5. At the time, you probably felt like you were on top of the world with your new phone. You probably thought that you couldn’t be beat – well consider yourself beaten. Because there’s a new iPhone on the […]