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Maybe you had the iPhone 4S and then ran out on September 21st and bought the iPhone 5. At the time, you probably felt like you were on top of the world with your new phone. You probably thought that you couldn’t be beat – well consider yourself beaten. Because there’s a new iPhone on the block and it isn’t black or white like the one you rushed out to buy – it’s 24 karat gold and rose gold.

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The black iPhone 5 comes with gold plating and the white version comes with rose gold plating. The one you choose is ultimately up to you, however the custom job by the extravagant folks over at Gold & Co. will set you back $4,380. Each iPhone has a multi-layer gold plating to ensure complete coverage and a polished mirror finish. The iPhones are then individually numbered to ensure exclusivity.

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Take a look at Gold & Co.’s finished iPhone 5 in gold in the gallery above. Start saving your spare change now and maybe you will be able to get a gold iPhone 6!