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You talk and apparently Apple listens. 

After launching their iPhone 5 and new iOS 6 software, everyone was gushing about all the new features, but consumers weren’t too pleased with the change to their old reliable iOS 5 version of Google Maps, a feature that received little complaint save for the lack of turn-by-turn spoken driving directions.

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The introduction of iOS 6 maps was disastrous and Tim Cook even offered an apology about its lack of performance. Now just a few months later, Apple is rolling out Google Maps for the iPhone that is now available on the App Store. 

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According to Time’s TechLand, the app was worth the wait: 

The interface is sleek and attractive, with vector-based maps which load quickly and scroll smoothly; it has full directions for drivers, pedestrians and public-transportation travelers; it includes traffic and Street View and can send you over to the Google Earth app for globe-spanning exploration. Best of all, it has Google’s map data and address-searching technology — the same painstakingly-constructed stuff which makes Google Maps work so well on Android devices and in desktop browsers. 

The app is a good supplement to have while Apple gets their map situation together and learns the age old lesson: if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. 

SOURCE: TechLand