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The iPhone 5 practically just came out, but there are already rumblings about the inevitable iPhone 5S.

Usually there’s about a year between releases of the regular iPhone and the S model, however we have a first look at a few images of the updated iPhone 5 – right now.

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Back in November, a Chinese site claimed trial production of the new model would begin this month, although there were no details of what new features it may contain. The Commercial Times estimated that full commercial production of the rumored iPhone 5S will begin as early as Q1 2013, with the December run only expected to return between 50,000 and 100,000 units.

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Although not much is actually known based off these pictures, it’s obvious that some changes have been made to the internal workings of the current iPhone 5, which would suggest these new photos could be from an updated phone. Flip through the gallery above and you be the judge!

SOURCE: Daily Mail