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Russell Brand is delving into the world of American politics in true Jon Stewart fashion.

While promoting his FX Show Brand X With Russell Brand at the Television Critics Association on Saturday, the British funnyman made a comment about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

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He told reporters that if she ever appeared on his show, he would forget the politics and go straight to her sex appeal.

“’I’d go straight to the subtext. People want to f*** her don’t they? That’s why they tolerate the other stuff. Brand said. “Okay, that is a mad thing to say about seeing Russia out your window — but the d**k don’t lie.”

Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who was branded a slut by Rush Limbaugh, came to Palin’s defense and wrote on her Twitter: “Completely unacceptable remark re Sarah Palin.”

He also spoke out about the recent Chick-fil-A controversy after its president said the chain was ‘very much supportive of the family,’ but only when it involves heterosexual couples.

He called the chain the “racist chicken dispensary” and then said:

“Didn’t Chick-fil-A say that they’re racists now? Oh no, homophobic. I get mixed up with the prejudices. I forget who I’m supposed to hate.”

Russell is being honest and humorous, not misogynistic, so any scrutiny derived from his comments are completely undeserved and will do more good than harm to his brand (no pun intended).