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Scarlett Johansson channels Old Hollywood for the September issue of Easy Living Magazine, but nothing about the 27-year-old actress is old!

The blonde bombshell was photographed by Mario Testino for the spread, which also made an appearance in the May Issue of Vogue. 

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However the accompanying interview is completely new, and Scarlett dishes about everything from relationships and the downside of fame, to her adoration of the Big Apple.

On her love of NYC:

“I love New York. It’s beautiful and challenging. So inspiring. I could stay out all night, until the sun comes up. I was born and raised here. It’s home.”

On feeling older than she really is:

“I feel like I’ve lived a long time already. I’ve always been around older people. As a kid on set, I was always the youngest.”

On relationships and marriage:

”Falling in love and getting married… It’s nice to know you’re capable of loving somebody in that way. I always think I can figure everything out. Realizing that – if you are with the right person, they can help you out – can be hard. Relationships are complicated.”

On the downside of stardom:

“I don’t like to complain about it, but it was a strange transition to go from being an honest been recognizable. People are either really lovely your chair of the rude. It’s quite shocking when people are following you, bothering you in the bathroom, in the middle of a meal. It’s like the aero of decency is gone.”

On not describing herself as the sex goddesses:

“It’s easy to label an actor who’s played sexually charged characters as a sex-symbol. It’s wonderful for people to think you’re attractive but it’s not something that defines me. Maybe that sounds… This is probably an annoying thing to say. But I like to think that I have more interesting defining qualities as an actor.”

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You can read the entire interview when the September issue of Easy Living hits newsstands later this month. In the meantime check out Scarlett’s spread in the magazine by clicking through the gallery above!

SOURCE: Easy Living