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Let’s face it – controversy makes for good advertising.

In order to help with the launch of Lucky Magazine’s new e-commerce site myLucky, Partners & Spade came up with the FILL THE VOID campaign.  

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It’s the print magazine’s first ad campaign in 12 years and based around the idea that you can feel better by shopping when life throws you a “curveball.”

With catch lines like “My boyfriend has a boyfriend,” “My longest relationship is with my doorman,” and “My intern is the only one following me on Twitter,” followed by the line FILL THE VOID, these ads are garnering a lot of attention.

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Some are saying that we shouldn’t glorify the substitution of shopping for solving actual problem; we say that it’s all in good fun. Anyone who actually “fills their void” by shopping probably has been doing it long before these ads will be released.

The full rollout of the ad campaign will begin on August 17th, but for a preview of what’s to come, you can take a look at the gallery above.