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“It was all good just a week ago”

Literally… it was all good for Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson just a week ago. At least that’s what we thought when the Basketball Wives star posted a sneak peek promo shot from the couple’s upcoming VH1 show Ev And Chad.

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The relationship sparked on Twitter. An ill exchange of words turned to flirting and before you knew it after many phone conversations of getting to know one another, Evelyn hopped on a plane to visit Chad and the rest was history.

If you’re an avid Basketball Wives fan, this was when Evelyn got a bit of backlash, even from her then best friend Jennifer, for giving up the goods to the footballer on the first date.

But despite the critics, the two stuck it out and went on to later get engaged.

Now the couple are involved in a dosmetic violence ordeal where Chad reportedly head butted Evelyn after an argument that began over a receipt for condoms she found in the car.

The infidelity and trust for the superstar athlete, is something Evelyn has battled with on some occasions.

DETAILS: Chad Johnson Arrested For Allegedly Headbutting Evelyn Lozada!

In one BBW episode, the Cash Money author pressed her man, about having lunch with a so called “female friend” and in another Evelyn proclaimed to her fiance that she would prefer for him to be honest if he cheated.

The couple appeared to put any troubles they had behind them, once they tied the knot on July 4th of this year.

Trouble in paradise may have stirred up again but we want to reminisce on the happier more romantic times.

Take a look at some of Chad & Ev’s most loving moments in the accompanying gallery!