Evelyn Lozada may have moved on from Chad Johnson, but the wounds of her past still haunt her to this day.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1, Will Smith hinted that after rekindling with Martin Lawrence, the long-awaited third installment is definitely on the way

Chad Johnson, the baller formerly known as Ochocinco, has a great Twitter account. He engages with his followers, shares jokes, and more

Congratulations to Chad Johnson and Crystal Bates, the proud new parents of Kennedi Chanel Johnson. Johnson’s even got the baby emoji to prove it: We first heard of Bates’ pregnancy in January, when Mr. Ochocinco tweeted out a picture of her ultrasound, accompanied by this memorable caption… https://twitter.com/ochocinco/status/557947735484403715 Kennedi’s birth marks the fifth addition to Johnson’s family […]

Chad Ochocinco has never been shy about his feelings for ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. Even though she’s now 6 months pregnant with another man’s child, Ochocinco is still making his presence in her life known. The former NFL player revealed to TMZ Sports that he recently purchased a gift for Ev’s unborn child. He told the site: […]

Evelyn Lozada is definitely excited to be a mother again. As we previously reported, the Basketball Wives star is currently expecting a baby and she recently opened up about her impending bundle of joy. “I am so excited to announce a wonderful blessing — I’m pregnant!” the 37-year-old tells PEOPLE exclusively, confirming that she is six […]

Evelyn Lozada‘s pregnancy came as a shock to most of us, but it definitely wasn’t the number one piece of news her ex-husband Chad Johnson probably wanted to hear. The NFL star got word of her pregnancy yesterday, and while he distracted himself by going to the Yeezus tour, he did respond to fans asking […]

Is Chad Johnson finally over Evelyn?! After taking some time off from being in the headlines for domestic violence drama and bumps in his football career, Ocho Cinco is back to his bachelor ways. The NFL superstar was spotted at the beach in Miami, where he was seen laying up with not one, but two mystery […]

He’s finally got a job! Chad Johnson had one of the worst years ever last year after getting dropped from the Miami Dolphins and losing his wife Evelyn Lozada after their domestic dispute, but things are finally looking up. After a year of getting jokes cracked on him for being “unemployed”, he can put them […]

If it’s been a tough year for anyone, it’s definitely been Evelyn Lozada. After going through a domestic dispute, leading to a divorce, with her now ex-husband Chad Johnson, she also suffered the loss of her brother-in-law around the same time. The Basketball Wives star relived the horrible emotional time period all over again as she […]

Chad Johnson seems to be the type of guy who always says the right things, but when it comes to acting right and getting his sh*t together… well, that just doesn’t happen. The former NFL superstar was released from jail 23 days early after being sentenced to a month for slapping his lawyer’s butt in […]