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If it’s been a tough year for anyone, it’s definitely been Evelyn Lozada.

After going through a domestic dispute, leading to a divorce, with her now ex-husband Chad Johnson, she also suffered the loss of her brother-in-law around the same time.

The Basketball Wives star relived the horrible emotional time period all over again as she shares her break down on this season of the hit VH1 reality series.

In an upcoming episode, Evelyn has a major break down after losing both Chad and her brother-in-law, Anthony Ochoa, and says that it’s “like two of my best friends just gone”.

She shares her grieve during a conversation with her mother:

‘It’s just like the timing is crazy. It’s like two of my best friends just gone. Which feels f****d up. You know?’

‘Why is this happening to my life? That’s my brother and then he dies right after the incident with me and Chad … Words can’t even explain how dark I felt – like, this can’t be my life’

Fortunately her mother stepped in to give her some kind words of encouragement, which could be why we see a stronger than ever Evelyn today!

Tune into the latest season of Basketball Wives on VH1 which airs August 21st!

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