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Chad Johnson, the baller formerly known as Ochocinco, has a great Twitter account. He engages with his followers, shares jokes, and even intimate moments from his very own life. Did you know his grandmother has ugly feet? How about the fact that God is blessing all the frugal people? He is, because @Ochocinco said so.

We got a gang of comedians, singers, bloggers, and Twitter trolls to roast a few of the Canadian Football League player’s tweets on this week’s episode of Socially Decoded.

Please be aware that the jokes and views expressed by these Twitter trolls, comedians, and bloggers don’t necessarily represent the views of GlobalGrind or its editors.

This week’s cast includes:

@kristianity__ — Kae Rae

@JeseniaComedian @RuizaJenni — Jenni and Jesenia

@andrewschulz — Andrew Shultz

@WilSylvince — Wil Sylvince

@INF @MrMecc — Jamal and Mr Mecc

@KreeshaTurner — Kreesha

@Tiara_Thomas — Tiara Thomas

@Gia Pepers — Gia Peppers

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