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When it comes to being in the spotlight as a celebrity, it’s not so easy to be able to do whatever you want all the time.

Sometimes we see new piercings on the girls, and new tattoos on the men, but they still have a certain image to maintain.

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There are, however, some celebs who can’t help but release that rebellious side of them and make some major changes!

Recently, Miley Cyrus gave herself a new short, pixie cut that has the media going crazy.

Even though she might face criticism over her new do, Miley isn’t the only one who had to go through it.

Willow Smith shaved her head earlier this year, and even went the extra mile by dying it different colors!

Cassie shocked us all back in 2009 when she shaved the side of her head.

Even Chris Brown had our jaws dropping to the floor when we saw his new blonde hair!

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Whether it’s for business or just for some personal change, celebrities need to break out of their shell sometimes.

Check out the gallery to see which celebrities made some drastic hair changes.

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