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It’s about to get real colorful up in here! “Punk is the new pretty and pretty is the new punk,” according to celebrity colorist Daniel Moon, the man responsible for Kylie Jenner’s latest ‘do, which may explain why Kylie opted to go from a standard ombre to a new shade of blue. Kylie’s obvious at the […]

You know what we love? Three day holiday weekends. You know what we love even more than 3-day holiday weekends? The time it gives us to focus on other things… like watch bad reality TV or dabble in some themed nail art. Memorial Day Weekend is here which means the season for lighting up the […]

Justin Timberlake’s hair is as trippy as his new collaboration with Juicy J. Over the years, Justin has sported frosted tips, buzz cuts, cornrows, more frosted tips, more buzz cuts, faux hawks, and oh, did we mention “ramen” noodle hair? Justin’s hair is probably more colorful and extensive than his musical career, and we absolutely […]

Good people of the world, let us all take a moment to hope that we age as gracefully as 40-year-old actress Sofia Vergara.  The Modern Family star is in full gear prepping for summer by completely transforming her raven-haired look and swapping it out for bleach blonde locks.  PHOTOS: Frozen Eggs, Drug Dealers & Engagement Rings: […]

While there isn’t much Kim Kardashian can do to stop the changes pregnancy is having on her body, there is one thing she can do to change up her look: New bangs! PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Kicks Off The Holiday Season With A New Look Once in a while every woman has the same dilemma: to color or […]

Our hair is our crowning glory, so you would think we would treat it a little better than we actually do. Between all the hair dye and heat tools and stressful styling, we have all made some regrettable hair decisions, but none as drastic as this unfortunate event.  PHOTOS: Rihanna Rocks Wet Hair In New York […]

It looks like the dreadlocks are taking over! Lady Gaga has always been one to switch up her look, and she’s officially taken it to another level, even for her! The 26-year-old singing sensation has gone through hundreds of different hairstyles over the years, and now, she has dreadlocks. BLOG: A Love Letter To Lady […]

Working in this profession for as long as I have, there are certain mistakes that I’ve noticed men make when it comes to their personal grooming habits. They don’t do it! But here’s the issue, I don’t understand how these men are getting any women. When it comes to a female’s attraction to men, the […]

Over the years, we’ve seen Miley Cyrus go through many hair transformations, just as the rest of her body transforms as well. We’ve witnessed her hair go from her shoulders to her waist, and even change colors, but we’ve never seen anything like this before! PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Paints The Town Blonde! The 19-year-old Disney star […]

When it comes to being in the spotlight as a celebrity, it’s not so easy to be able to do whatever you want all the time. Sometimes we see new piercings on the girls, and new tattoos on the men, but they still have a certain image to maintain. BLOG: Gabby Douglas’ Hair: Black Women’s Obsession […]

Instagram has been down all morning, and while a lot of us keep trying to refresh our favorite photo networking site, Rihanna is keeping herself busy in other ways.  The Bajan beauty decided to hop over to Viddy to post videos for her Rihanna Navy, and she claims she’s going to do it all day! […]