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Working in this profession for as long as I have, there are certain mistakes that I’ve noticed men make when it comes to their personal grooming habits. They don’t do it! But here’s the issue, I don’t understand how these men are getting any women.

When it comes to a female’s attraction to men, the first thing she sees is a man’s face.

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So before she even looks at his clothes, she will look at him and say, “Oh, he’s a handsome man,” or “that’s a good looking brother.”

With bad grooming habits, a guy doesn’t want any woman to say or think, “Hey, look at this man, he needs a haircut. He’s too scruffy. Like, is this his normal look?”

The first impression is sometimes the best impression.

So in order to help out these young brothers, I am going to suggest that men start their day, or their swag, by making sure they get their hair right.

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Because when a guy has a clean shave with a fresh hair haircut when we step out, whether to the club or just the grocery store, we don’t care what our clothes look like, we will get the girl.

We feel like, “I look good. So, I’m gonna bag me a chick,” or “Some lucky lady is gonna come holla at me because I got a nice haircut and my waves are laying tight.”

So fellas, make sure your goatee is right, and your hair lines are fresh, and the rest will fall in line. Especially in cuffing season … or else this is going to be a cruel winter for you guys! 


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