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Piano covers are a rarity in good form and they are much appreciated in this age of synthetic sounds where any computer literate soul can cook up a tune purely out of instinct.

Many musically talented fervent fans have taken it upon themselves to remix their favorite hip hop songs and reinvent it instrumentally in a way that is recognizable to the mainstream but maintains a refreshing sense of originality in interpretation.  

Some trunk rattling tracks have also undergone makeovers into a easy-listening rendition which may appeal to a more diverse audience.  808’s and synth sounds will always be ear candy to our generation but a flash of instrumental genius is necessary at times as a reminder of the endless ways in which music can be created. 

OMG-Usher @ayeekristayy

Being simulcasted on Youtube, these fans have also tapped into another generational forum where fans can produce as well as consume talents in digital formats that transcend time and space.  The unique way in which sites like YouTube collects and distributes content has propelled some of these hopeful fans into artists themselves.

Check out the collection of hip hop piano covers who are paying homage to top stars through playful plunking of the piano in the following pages!


Love in This Club- Usher & Young Jeezy @DavidSides

Buy You a Drank- T Pain, Young Joc @DavidSides


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