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Lamar Odom is clearly deeply in love with his wife, Khloe Kardashian.

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So in love that he thinks she’s a gift from the heavens above! The NBA baller tweeted a loving message to this wife of almost three years, saying: 

“MY WIFE is HEAVEN sent @KhloeKardashian is a special women no doubt her pops told my moms in HEAVEN like i got some 1 for your son 2 meet.”

The message was so sweet that Khloe’s little sister Kendall Jenner had to post it on Instagram with a special message of her own: “sweetest man. @khloekardashian ‘s a lucky one.”

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It’s a good thing to know you got someone who loves you. Props to Khloe and Lamar for always holding it down for each other through thick and thin.