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On the brink of what is assumed to be the release date of the much anticipated iPhone 5, rumor circulations are at their absolute height. The latest information that has leaked from Apple’s uber tight security is that the company has redesigned their iconic white headphones. 

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The headphones that come with just about every Apple product haven’t seen a re-design in 6 years, and if these pictures are real, they have undergone major cosmetic changes. 

Vietnamese blogsite posted a video of what it claims are newly-designed headphones for the next iPhone, which is expected to launch during an Apple press event on September 12.

VIDEO: Could This Be It?! Clip Of Rumored iPhone 5 Leaks

Apple’s headphones have been an iconic part of their marketing campaign, so it would make sense for the company to re-vamp the little guys, but will the masses be accepting?

Check out the video of the rumored ear bud re-vamp below.