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Sunday morning in the Skolnik house is pretty routine. GlobalGrind. New York Times. Sportscenter. Up With Chris. Meet The Press.

Yesterday, the morning ended with a good surprise! Mitt Romney did his first interview during this election cycle on Meet The Press. As he and his wife sat on their campaign bus and were lobbed softball questions from David Gregory, I was taken aback by the Romney’s attempt to make us believe that they actually care about those in struggle. It is not that I question’s anyone’s heart, but I certainly will question someone’s intentions. And it seems that their only intention is to win an election. As much as Mitt says that he will be fine if he loses, I just don’t believe him.

I don’t believe him because the man has changed his position on almost every issue since he started his quest to rule the world 8 years ago. Whenever he says what he really believes, like that he would keep parts of Obamacare if he was elected President (which he said yesterday on Meet The Press), a campaign spokesperson quickly sends out a press release stating what Mitt should have said. When he doesn’t mention the troops fighting in Afghanistan during his convention speech, he tells Fox News a week later that he wanted to talk about the “important things.” Our nation at war isn’t important, Mitt? We just don’t believe him. When he says he paid taxes every year he has filed a tax return, we just don’t believe him. When he says he is pro-life, yet his whole life he has been pro-choice, we just don’t believe him. As the great Senator Ted Kennedy said during his 1994 Senatorial race against Mitt Romney, “I am pro-choice and my opponent is multiple choice.” This is the story of Mitt’s life. Multiple choice. Chooses an answer that best suits his most current situation.

America wants to elect a President who they can trust and who they know will be honest with them. Mitt Romney’s campaign is like going to used car lot. And Mitt is the king of selling you lemons.

~Michael Skolnik 

Michael Skolnik is the Editor-In-Chief of and the political director to Russell Simmons. Prior to this, Michael was an award-winning filmmaker. Follow him on twitter @MichaelSkolnik

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