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LaTocha Scott was once the lead singer of ’90s girl group Xscape.

Since the disbandment of the group over a decade ago, LaTocha has been busy being a mother, writing her memoir The Great Xscape, and of course working on new music.  

LaTocha is now back and more “Complicated” than ever with her new single featuring Maybach Music rapper Wale. 

NEW MUSIC: LaTocha & Wale “Complicated” 

GlobalGrind caught up with the “Complicated” songstress to find out what she’s been working on during her hiatus, missing the girls from Xscape, and her new mixtape The Truth In The Booth. 

Check out our exclusive interview below!

We’ve come to know and love you through your time with Xscape, but what inspired you to go solo? I read your son played a part in your decision.

Yeah, I think it was just the right time. Anytime that you’re passionate about what you love, you can’t stay away from it long. Just looking at how the music industry and the R&B world took a turn, I said “you know, it’s basically time to get back out.” My son definitely inspired me. He came home from school on day and was like “wow, mom it’s time for you to get back out and start singing those songs.” Thinking about Whitney after she passed, made me think about my legacy. I know what she brought to the table: she’s just an iconic beautiful person. I was like “I want to be remembered that way.” I don’t want to be remembered like someone from a girl group that disbanded.

Now that it’s just you in the studio, how has it been recording and crafting music?

It’s different. All the other girls added so many different elements. Kandi always hit the bottom notes, Tiny came in with the highs and I would do the middle note and some of the bridge. But now it’s just me and I’m doing it all.

What’s your preference?

Well, I’d be lying if I said “this is the best” (laughs), because I miss the girls. I do miss them. It’s just exciting for me right now.

Many people are probably wondering what you’ve been doing all these years. Care to break it down for us?

Well, I’ve been writing, coming back to the real. Coming up with music that has a message – that has substance. I want to get back to that. So this time around, my music is definitely more soulful. I have some new artists coming in to help me write. We’re just feeling each other out on this album. I have a couple ballads, up-tempos. My album is coming out at the top next year, but I do have a mixtape coming out at the end of August.

The Truth In The Booth?

Yes! It is. Girl, you know! (laughs)  

You collaborated with Maybach Music rapper Wale, how did you team up with him?  

Well, a producer and writer by the name of Tony “Chef “ Tone came to the table. I actually brought him down to Atlanta a couple of years ago. We just started working, and he came up with the idea for “Complicated.” He called Wale to be on the record, and I was like that’s a great look. I just loved his flow and delivery on his music and the fact the “Lotus Flower Bomb” relates back to my favorite fragrance (Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb), I was just like “Yeah, let go with it’.” (laughs)

It was a sign.

Yeah it was a sign (laughs). I just love the way he demands a song. It was just a great marriage for us to get together on this song.

So aside from Wale, who else are you collaborating with?

Well, I’m about to do a song with 50 Cent and Shawty Lo. So that’s in the works. My management came to me the other day about it, and I know it would be a good look. I’m really trying to keep things under wraps, because I don’t want people to get the misconception that I have to have all these people to have a successful album. I want to keep it on the low. I want to make sure that they get the album because it’s a great album.

Has the album title been finalized?

Not yet. Not yet. I have a couple of ideas that I’ve written down, but I’m sure it’ll come to me in a moment where I’m like, “that’s it.” Being in the studio every day, and working and being out just allows me to be more creative. Xscape’s second album Off The Hook, was my idea, but it just came at a time when I wasn’t even really thinking about it. So hopefully it’ll just happen the same way.

There are a lot of artists out right now that reference Xscape when speaking about groups and women that have inspire them. Is there anyone out there now that inspires you?

Well, I’m always inspired by people who take the initiative to just be different. I like Lady GaGa. I love Alicia Keys and what she brings to the table. Monica and Brandy with the real R&B. I like Bruno Mars. There are just so many people that inspire me. I like Usher, he’s doing his thing.

Who else would you like to work with in the future?

I think Justin Timberlake or even Kanye West. He is so talented. I love his work. That would be something new.

What inspires you outside of music?

I grew up in a singing household. My father would sing and write music. Just growing up around him and his brothers, they would travel around Atlanta and I would sit there and just think “I want to do that!” Off of that, my father would invite me to come sing certain parts. My mother taught us how to sing the encyclopedia through song. I also come from a real spiritual background. I was always in the church. I would listen to the Clark Sisters, and Shirley Caesar lot. So I have a very diverse background as far as music is concerned. I like Gospel, and I like Jazz.

I also read that you have a book deal and TV show in the works…

I was definitely approached to do a reality show, but that’s not something I’m really interested in doing right now. I want to make my album more of a reality show. Because people want to know what’s been going on with me, and a lot of times I write about personal experiences. So with that being said, I’m not really gung-ho about a reality show right now at this point.

Oh ok. But what about your book: The Great Xscape?


Clever. (laughs)

Yes! (laughs) I have been writing a book for a while. After the group’s hiatus, we just kind of did our own thing and I just said “OK, I’m just gonna start writing about all the things I’ve been through” with the high and lows growing up and wanting to become a singer. The issues I’ve had with self esteem, growing up, and being the “big girl” in the group. Everybody knowing me as the big girl and not as Latocha, I wrote down a lot of my feelings and I just hope that it helps other people overcome any obstacles that they’re faced with. So it’s really a memoir, but I think it’s a book of inspiration as well.

So you have a lot on your plate – the mixtape, the foundation, the videos, the book. It’s a full plate. What’s next after all of this?

I want to open up a music school, where young women and kids can come and be creative. We can do shows, show them how to cook. Just different things. I see my future in the music industry but still doing my part in the community. I would to open up a school for the arts. Because a lot of people are not going to be athletic, or be a doctor, so it’s good to give these kids a platform to come and just express themselves in ways that

they probably couldn’t in school.