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Chrissy and Jim Jones’ love story is one that captivated the hearts of Vh1 viewers across the nation, so much so, that the charming couple landed their very own reality TV show.

STORY: “An Open Letter To My Son On Father’s Day” By Jim Jones

The duo, formerly of Love & Hip-Hop, are infamous for their passionate loving, and fighting, for one another, so what better way to bring them together in a state of Namaste than with some yoga?

STORY: Chrissy & Jimmy Say No More “Love & Hip-Hop,” They’re Getting Their Own!

After a workout session with Uncle Rush, Chrissy and Jim swung by the GlobalGrind offices for a quick chat about how they met and fell in love, and then Jim lightens up when it comes to talks of what exactly it means to live that Vampire Life. 

Check out the couple chatting it up with Nicole of The Nicki and Slim Show in the video above. 

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