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A mother in Montreal is currently on trial after stabbing her 19-year-old daughter in neck for coming home late.

The woman, named Johra Kaleki, told police that her daughter was rebellious since she felt their Muslim religion was suffocating her.

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According to the Canadian National Post, the mother said that she felt her daughter “would never be fixed”.

On the night of the attack, Johra went upstairs after talking to her daughter with her husband and grabbed a kitchen knife. She then persuaded her to lay on her stomach face down where she stabbed her multiple times in the neck.

As she stabbed her, police report that she said:

“It’s for your good. Let me finish.”

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The site also reports:

Earlier in the interrogation, Sgt.-Det. Bertrand has asked whether the knife blade was sharp. “No, it wasn’t,” she replied. “I wish it was. I wanted to give her the peace that she needed.”

The daughter suffered from serious wounds to her head and shoulder but has thankfully survived the attack.

Source: Canadian National Post

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