Check out some reactions from fans of the critically acclaimed series.

Mayor Tom Boyd went on a distasteful rant, as Texans try to stay warm in freezing conditions. Head inside for videos of what people have been dealing with.

New reports state nursing homes across the United States have been hit hard by the deadly disease; details inside.

What you need to know about one of the peskiest bugs on the planet.


Frances Cress Welsing, the Black author and psychiatrist whose 1991 work "The Isis Papers; The Keys to the Colors" introduced the world to the "melanin theory" and the "neuroses" of white supremacy, has died.

The Detroit mother who is the main suspect in killing two of her children, and putting their bodies into a freezer, had an outburst during a recent court appearance. According to NY Post, Mitchelle Blair was attending a custody hearing for her parental rights for her two surviving children, an 8-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, […]

UPDATE: 6/13/15 1:01 P.M.  A Philadelphia fire official has confirmed a body was pulled from the wreckage Wednesday afternoon, increasing the death toll to seven. Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter told reporters there were several other passengers that aren’t accounted for, possibly increasing the death rate. Investigators believe excessive speed is the focus of the crash, […]

Authorities fear hundreds may have drowned on Sunday after a boat in the Mediterranean Sea capsized while carrying about 700 people. USA Today reports: he Italian Coast Guard said the vessel was carrying 500 to 700 people when the incident happened around midnight local time, the BBC reported. The coast guard said at least 24 […]

UPDATE: 9:30 AM EST A train crash that killed six in New York is being called the deadliest accident in the history of the Metro-North system, NBC reports. Five individuals perished on the northbound train when it crashed into a Jeep on Tuesday night. The driver of the sports utility vehicle was also killed and another 15 injured in […]

In the same 24 hour-period that two NYPD officers were shot and killed in Brooklyn, another police officer was shot dead in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The shooting took place around 3 A.M. this morning in Glen’s Eureka Apartments on Grand Boulevard near Tampa Bay. According to WTSP, police were called to the scene of the […]