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La Casa De Papel/Money Heist Part 5

Source: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

La Casa De Papel, a.k.a. Money Heist, is back with its fifth and final season. And, although this is the last hurrah for Madrid’s most notorious onscreen thieves, the action and drama are more glaring than ever.

Season 4 left off with The Professor’s hideout having been discovered by Inspector Alicia Sierra, who is pregnant but set on delivering The Professor and his crew to Spanish authorities. The gang has been locked in the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours at the start of season 5. Exhausted and traumatized, but still determined, our favorite criminals are moving forward with their plan to rob the bank of all its gold, while mourning the execution of one of their own — Nairobi.

Thanks to flashbacks, fallen characters return in Money Heist‘s latest installation: we see Berlin teach his son how to rob; Tokyo reminisces about her relationship with Nairobi; and, Moscow is seen struggling with a decision about how to best protect Julia, who is like family to him.

La Casa De Papel/Money Heist Part 5

Source: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

But, during the actual heist taking place in present time: the army is moving in on the crew, Gandia (who killed Nairobi) is captured but eventually released to police following negotiations, and the gang’s hostages are growing impatient. Inspector Sierra is betrayed by the police force and when her water breaks, she has no choice but to stop torturing The Professor and allow him to deliver her baby. The fidgety hostages have set their sights on killing their kidnappers and escaping. And, when the army enters the Bank of Spain with an especially deadly crew that includes a freed Gandia, more hell breaks loose and an injured Tokyo sacrifices her life to save the gang. But, in true Tokyo style, she goes out with a literal bang and takes Gandia out in the process.

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La Casa De Papel/Money Heist Part 5

Source: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Fans have not stopped talking about part one of season 5 since it dropped last week, September 3. Money Heist never disappoints and we’ve still got part two to look forward to, which drops on Netflix, December 3. For now, check out some reactions from fans below.

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