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Money Heist Part 4

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix


Money Heist is Netflix’s most-watched non-English show worldwide — yes, it’s that good. If you didn’t know, the Spanish heist crime drama was created by Alex Pina and didn’t get much traction originally. But once Netflix acquired the global rights, the series grew more popular, gaining attention around the world and prompting the streaming giant to film two more parts.

Part 4 was released earlier this month and it does not disappoint. After robbing the Royal Mint of Spain in Parts 1 & 2, the Professor and his crew upped the ante by going after the Bank of Spain as a means to getting one of their own released from Europol custody. Throughout each of their robberies we get to know the characters, how they became part of the heist crew, what they care about most, what drives them, and so forth. Nairobi has definitely been one of the most tormenting characters thus far.

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Played by Alba Flores, Nairobi is a counterfeiting expert, who spent time in jail for selling drugs. When she went to prison, her toddler son, who’d been left home alone while she was out making money, was taken away and placed in foster care. Throughout the series, she expresses her desperate plan to somehow make things right with him. She also plans to have another child with the Professor, who has agreed to be her sperm donor, so that she can do things right the second time around. Sadly, she’s murdered by a racist mercenary during the second heist.

Flores is an amazing actress, who played the intricate part of Nairobi flawlessly. To wish her farewell, we’ve gathered some of her most beautiful moments below.

1. Poised for Vanity Fair Spain.

2. Reflecting on life in this beautiful shot.

3. On set of ‘Vis a Vis.’

4. Chillin’ with another Money Heist villain.

5. Does it get more picture perfect?

6. Pretty in pink slacks.

7. Slaying per usual!

8. Dangerous and we love it.

9. Alba is all smiles at the 63rd Mérida Classical Theatre Festival

63rd Mérida Classical Theatre Festival - Troyanas - Photocall Source:WENN

10. Alba hits the stage for the 2018 Solidarios Jovenes Awards

Photocall for the 2018 Solidarios Jovenes Awards Source:WENN

11. Looking beautiful as ever. Congrats!

63rd Mérida Classical Theatre Festival - Troyanas - Photocall Source:WENN

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