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This man deserves "Professor of the Year" after allowing one of his students to bring her daughter to class after not being able to find a babysitter.

Let’s face it, some of us are either punctually challenged or chronically late. And if you’re enrolled in a school, you know teachers and professor can be harsh when it comes to showing up late. Well one teacher apparently wants to teach his students a lesson and give them a workout by making them dance […]

Moves from Africa continue to spread across the globe in the form of afro dance and other trends that take on a life of their own. Sweden is one place that’s getting hit with the music. The dance group Navyz dropped some moves that’ll have you hype for the weekend. Watch seven students break it down with […]

It’s been a pretty intense year when it comes to race in America— and white people have turned out to be the main culprit. A Drexel University professor, who happens to be white, has a long history of supporting racist views towards white people on Twitter and has at times supported genocide, according to some reports. […]