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Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Celebrates 18th Anniversary

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If by the grace of God, you were given the choice between dinner with Jay-Z or $500K, which would you choose? This is the debate that has taken over Black Twitter as of late.

While many are choosing the money, others have argued going with the $500K isn’t the smartest longterm decision. Billionaire Hov of course holds The Blueprint to digging yourself out of a hole and getting rich — but choosing the dinner assumes he’ll be in a mentoring mood. Would Hov readily reveal the specifics behind how he built his fortune during dinner with a fan? Many think not.

In fact, some social media users have been joking that the fan would end up in the same boat as the kid who quit his job to go beg Logan Paul for a job, even though he was unqualified and had put in zero time and work. In case you missed it, see that unfortunate clip below.

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Life lessons, amirite?

Hov is a man who did whatever he could to get himself out of low-income housing, so naturally, he appreciates hard work and may just want to see what you’re bringing to the table before stepping into assist. So, if you chose dinner with Hov, you’d have to come correct. $500,000, on the other hand, is tempting for a lot of people, as that kind of money could solve glaring financial issues immediately, while still allowing you to come up with a longterm financial plan to grow what’s leftover over time.

Which option are you going with? See what social media has been saying below.













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