House of the Dragon has already scored impressive streaming numbers. Check out what fans are saying online about the new show inside.

Another day, another beauty discovery for our palm skin friends. Vaseline is trending on Twitter throughout the United States thanks to the emergence of a "new" TikTok beauty trend. Black Twitter users are bewildered, because the product made up of petroleum jelly has been a household staple for decades. 

Black Twitter has been debating about which is the smarter choice: sitting down with the GOAT or getting an instant $500,000... see what people are choosing inside.

The memes are infinite from today's celebration, but the one that is still heating up the timeline is that of US Senator Bernie Sanders. Twitter is having a field day photoshopping him into different settings and using Bernie as the meme of the week. 

Black people will unlock their superpowers come Dec. 21 according to Twitter user @lottidot. If her predictions are true, what superpowers are you anticipating? Enjoy our favorite Twitter reactions from this moment.

As a community, us Black people are known for being able to turn lemons into lemonade. It’s kind of our thing. It’s what sets us from the pack. Think about it. Our ancestors were unwillingly forced into America hundreds of years ago under inhumane conditions by the hands of slave owners — and we still […]

Halloween is upon us and now is the perfect time to start figuring out your hollow’s day costume. DIY costumes are usually the most fun looks to do — but this year, we’re ditching the traditional black cat and witch costume for creative looks inspired by the culture. What’s more creative and innovative than cartoon […]

They say that you never really know what your Twitter followers are going through off of the internet and it’s absolutely true. Unless you know your followers “in real life,” you don’t really know anything about them at all. Let’s take one Twitter user in particular. His name was “VersaceSilk,” however he reeked so much […]

When asked about Trump's love for Black people, Ye ain't have the answers.