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Criminal Robber Robbing an Asian Retail Bank Teller at Counter

Source: YinYang / Getty

They say that you never really know what your Twitter followers are going through off of the internet and it’s absolutely true. Unless you know your followers “in real life,” you don’t really know anything about them at all. Let’s take one Twitter user in particular. His name was “VersaceSilk,” however he reeked so much havoc and mayhem online that his account has been suspended multiple times and no one remembers what his new Twitter username is. However,  people remember his trolling and now they’ll never forget that he is going to jail for robbing a bank with a knife.

22 year old VersaceSilk, real name Drew Hughes, is being held in the Bergen County Jail on counts of first degree robbery and two counts of possession of a weapon after he held up a TD Bank branch in Hackensack armed with a kitchen knife. According to reports, Hughes allegedly approached the teller and said, “Hey, gimme the money. Big bills only. It’s for my daughter,” and then was handed $600. He then demanded more money, in which the teller gave him an additional $468. Police say Hughes then pointed his knife at another teller and demanded even more money and that teller gave him another $83. What Hughes aka VersaceSilk didn’t know is that amongst the $1,151 he was given, the tellers also snuck in a GPS tracking device that was used to track him down shortly after he exited the bank.

After his heist, Hughes exited the bank and then called a Lyft (yes a Lyft!). However, the vehicle was cornered by police officers who were able to capture Hughes and take him to jail. The Lyft driver was determined to have not been involved in the robbery so he was free to go.

It didn’t take long for Black Twitter to find out about Hughes’ failed Oceans 8 moment. In fact, it turns out that he told a young lady all about it but she had no idea he was serious. In fact, she told him to just go take out a loan when he revealed that he was having money problems and facing jail time if he did not repay money he allegedly stole.


Before is caper, Hughes admitted what he was going to do. However, the young lady says she had no idea he was being serious.

Either way, Black Twitter is on his head and if he ever gets out of jail, he’ll never live this down. Check out some of the tweets after VersaceSilk became a trending topic.