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"La Casa De Papel" Netflix Premiere At Monnaie De Paris In Paris

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As we mentioned earlier this week, Money Heist is taking over the world as the most watched, non-English show on Earth. Not only is the cast gorgeous, they’re highly talented and the storyline is incredible. When Netflix acquired the global rights for the 2-part series, it started to gain international traction. That said, the streaming giant decided to film Parts 3 and 4 and both are worth every bit of the hype!

After robbing the Royal Mint of Spain in Parts 1 & 2, the Professor and his crew upped the ante by going after the Bank of Spain as a means to getting one of their own, Rio, released from Europol custody.

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Rio’s bae Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) is set on freeing him, as she believes she is the reason he’s locked up in the first place. If you’ve tuned in, you know Tokyo is one of the baddest of the crew, keeping viewers entertained since the very beginning… we’re happy to report she’s pretty dope off-screen too.

She stans Beyoncé, for one.

Like us, she also loves castmate Alba.

And she’s not above a good time…

Keep scrolling for some of Úrsula’s most gorgeous moments on social media and stream Money Heist on Netflix now.

1. Hey there, Tokyo.

2. Gorgeous in green.

3. So sensual.

4. What a beautiful sight.

5. Tokyo ain’t no game.

6. Oh heyyy Úrsula.

7. Backing that thing up.

8. Kicking it in Chanel.

9. All black everything.

10. Showing off her (ass)ets.

11. Maxin’ and relaxin’.

12. Another gorgeous shot.

13. Up close and beautiful.

14. Just a towel and her comforter.

15. Tokyo loves you.

16. Lord Jesus.

17. Chillin’ in bed.

18. Heart eyes emoji. We love you Úrsula!

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