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UPDATE: 6/13/15 1:01 P.M. 

A Philadelphia fire official has confirmed a body was pulled from the wreckage Wednesday afternoon, increasing the death toll to seven.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter told reporters there were several other passengers that aren’t accounted for, possibly increasing the death rate. Investigators believe excessive speed is the focus of the crash, with the train reportedly traveling 100 miles an hour as it entered a sharp curve, the WSJ reports.

The Federal Railroad Administration states the train is meant to go 50 miles an hour in that particular section.

UPDATE: 7/13/15 9 A.M.

The death toll in the Amtrak train derailment has risen to six, while the list of injured reached up to 140 last night.

According to NewsOne:

At least eight patients are in critical condition and 25 of the 140 injured remained hospitalized as of Wednesday morning.

While the cause of the derailment is unknown at this time, officials said they do not believe it was an act of terror. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently on the scene and an investigation is underway.


An Amtrak train, on its way through Philadelphia, has reportedly derailed in the Port Richmond section of the city this evening.

According to NBC Philadelphia, at least five people have been reported dead, while at least 50 have been injured.

Reports say that there were 238 passengers on board, as well as five Amtrak employees, when the train derailed and flipped on its side near the 2000 block of Wheatsheaf Lane.

The site reports:

“We were rolling along nice and smooth and then all of a sudden we were on our side,” said Don Kelleher, one of the passengers.

“All of a sudden it felt like the brakes were hit hard and then our car,” said Michael Black, another passenger. “We were third from the last, just slowly started going over to the side. I tried to just brace my arm against it and then just got off.”

NBC continued:

Officials have not yet revealed the identity of the deceased victims.

Some of the injured survivors walked away with scratches and bruises while others had to be loaded onto stretchers by firefighters and paramedics. At least six of the survivors are in critical condition while 43 were treated for less critical injuries, according to officials.

We pray for the loved ones of the victims of this tragedy. Stay tuned for updates.