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Sometimes, just thinking about how much Lena Dunham has accomplished makes us forget that she is only 26 years old, and girls in their twenties just want to have fun! 

The writer, director, actress and creator of HBO’s hit series GIRLS, let her hair down and got a little funky for the November issue of ASOS Magazine. 

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Lena is known for normally rocking a much subtler style, but ASOS va-va-voomed her up with an array of studded denims, printed skirts, graphic tees and the very same cat ear headband that Lea Michele wore on the cover of last month’s NYLON magazine. 

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Even with all her newfound success, and 4 Emmy nominations, Lena isn’t letting all the fame get to her head. Take a look at some excerpts from the interview below, where she talks about growing up, learning lessons and creating GIRLS.

On her recent string of successes:

“I’m going to sound like such dips**t when I say this, but so many amazing things have happened in the past year, it was almost like amazing things overload. I was like, I wish these were slightly more spread out so I could appreciate every single one with the correct amount of gusto and savor it as a memory until my deathbed. But you can’t live your life in a constant state of law, so I thought, ‘I’d better get my chin off the floor.’ It’s been pretty wild.”

On getting to create her own show ‘Girls’:

“The entire process, I was just like, ‘Is this happening?’ I couldn’t believe the idea that I was going to get paid to do it. It was just so mind blowing to me. I’d done things, but never on this scale so it was really trial by fire. I worked as hard as I could and sort of faked it until I made it. I would watch people doing things and mimic them oddly and then suddenly I knew what I was doing.”

On not letting glory go to her head:

“I try to be conscientious about my work and the hype surrounding it, and not succumb to that stuff. I feel like it’s easier than one might think to become an obnoxious, create the person. You have to stay vigilant on that.”

On wanting to rush through her teenage years:

“I think as I’ve got older, I’ve realized that’s what it felt like to be young, and a lot of people have that sensation. Putting the show out into the world has been a big therapeutic thing for me in terms of making me see that’s just what growing up is.”

It’s great to see an all around star getting the shine she deserves! Check out the fun shoot with Lena in the gallery above! We are lusting over that awesome lip print dress she’s wearing. 

SOURCE: Hollywood Gossip 

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