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After the first presidential debate last week, it was only right for Saturday Night Live (SNL) to poke fun at President Obama’s lackluster performance, Governor Romney’s infamous attack on Big Bird and allow Big Bird, himself, to react to Romney’s threat during a special surprise visit. 

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The hour and a half comedy show began with a spoof of the debate featuring SNL’s Jay Pharoah and Jason Sudeikis playing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, respectively, and former cast member Chris Parnell as moderator Jim Lehrer.  

In the sketch, Obama gives a shout out to First Lady Michelle Obama for their 20th anniversary and says that he was distracted at the debate because he was thinking about an anniversary present, while Sudeikis nailed his impersonation of Romney’s intense debate stare. 

Later on in the show, Big Bird stopped by to chat with Seth Meyers about Romney’s threat to cut funding for PBS. The oversized bird remained optimistic about the ordeal, telling Seth Myers that he “feels like he’s famous now” and that he found out about the attack from bird “tweets” since he doesn’t have a Twitter account. 

As funny as SNL is, they still know how to keep everything in perspective! 


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