Republicans have a trick up their sleeve to make sure they will definitely take the 2016 election! DETAILS: Hip-Hop Hooray!! Rhode Island Passes Gay Marriage Bill  The Huffington Post is reporting that Republicans have a new strategy to hopefully change the rules of presidential elections: swinging the Electoral College votes in the GOP’s favor. Talk about […]

And to think he had us all ready to move to Canada if he won! PHOTOS: Yikes! Mitt Romney Spotted Looking A Hot Mess While Pumping Gas  Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg Romney, told the Boston Globe in an interview published Sunday that his father never really wanted to be president. “He wanted to be president less […]

This is one for the books! The 2012 presidential election came in at a cost of $2 billion, becoming the most expensive election in American history. DETAILS: Surprise Surprise! Barack Obama Finally Takes Florida According to The Huffington Post, the final federal finance reports released Thursday tallied both President Obama and Mitt Romney’s complete election […]

From Disneyland to pumping his own gas, Mitt Romney has been enjoying a normal life post his defeat in the 2012 presidential election. PHOTOS: Mitt Romney Takes A Trip To Disneyland! Yesterday, he resurfaced again in a photo showing him warmly embracing his wife Ann Romney on Thanksgiving day.  The two are seen hovering over pots […]

Social media went wild when this photo was tweeted from President Obama’s official Twitter account on election night. PHOTO: Yikes! Mitt Romney Spotted Looking A Hot Mess While Pumping Gas  It quickly became the most liked and re-tweeted picture in social media history. In an interview with Slate, one of Obama’s top social media strategists, Laura Olin, revealed why […]

It looks like times are really tough for the former GOP wannabe president Mitt Romney! STORY: Historic Run! Obama Becomes The First President To Visit Cambodia  The usually well-groomed millionaire was photographed while he was pumping his own gas on a bad hair day. The photo, which is currently trending on Reddit, was reportedly snapped […]

Some residents in Georgia are complaining that R&B sensation Usher Raymond skipped the line at a polling place in his hometown of Rosewell. They Mad! Republican Heads Explode After Barack’s Re-Election It’s true that some Hollywood stars use their celebrity pull for their personal advantage and perks, but election officials in Fulton County say that […]

  President Obama won 75 percent of the 12.2 million votes cast by Latinos in the 2012 Election. And according to Latino leaders, this is what secured the incumbent back into the White House. PHOTOS: Worldwide Victory! Countries Across The Globe Celebrate Obama’s Win During a press call with Buzz Feed yesterday, Latino leaders shared […]

Even Kenyans are celebrating the re-election of President Barack Obama! Barack’s own step-grandmother led celebrations in his ancestral homeland today, as students in Jakarta celebrated in their classrooms while the results of the election were announced.  STORY: Take That Mitches! Celebs React To Barack Winning A Second Term  Sarah Onyango Obama was seen singing and dancing in Nyang’oma Kogelo […]

The Game for mankind?  DETAILS: OH NO! The Game & Fiance Call Off Wedding We think so!  Cali rapper The Game spent his time watching the election in New York City this year, but he wasn’t just watching people make their way to the polls; he actually helped them get there! New York City’s subway […]

It took Stacey Dash exactly 1,344 words to sum up her outlook on the 2012 presidential election, in which her candidate of choice, GOP nominee Mitt Romney, conceded yesterday. STORY: Stacey Dash Slammed On Twitter For Supporting Mitt Romney!  Last month, the gorgeous actress caused a stir when she announced that she was not supporting President Obama’s […]

Tonight Mitt Romney took his final bow in his aspirations for the White House. STORY: Presidential Election Day 2012 Obama Vs. Romney: Results State-By-State The wealthy businessman lost the 2012 presidential election to Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, who gained major traction in key battleground states like Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania, solidifying his re-election. Initially, Romney was reluctant […]