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It looks like times are really tough for the former GOP wannabe president Mitt Romney!

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The usually well-groomed millionaire was photographed while he was pumping his own gas on a bad hair day. The photo, which is currently trending on Reddit, was reportedly snapped by user “mkb95,” who claims to have seen the two-time failed presidential candidate pumping gas at a local station in La Jolla, California.

He wrote: “Mitt Romney at my local gas station.. he looks tired and washed up” in the tagline.  He also added “I talked to him for a good three minutes while he was filling his tank. I guess he’s moving to on of his houses in the town I live in, La Jolla.”

On Twitter, user @thegirlss claims to have seen Romney as well at the same station and posted this picture of him:

Ever since Money Mitt lost the presidential election to Barack Obama, he’s been keeping a low profile. Aide’s say that he was “shellshocked” when he found out he lost the election.  

However, it’s also shocking to see the politician looking so … normal. 


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