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Some residents in Georgia are complaining that R&B sensation Usher Raymond skipped the line at a polling place in his hometown of Rosewell.

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It’s true that some Hollywood stars use their celebrity pull for their personal advantage and perks, but election officials in Fulton County say that wasn’t the case with Usher. Officials claim that they allowed the superstar to skip the line in order to avoid distractions.In a statement, they allege that they were notified by Raymond’s team that he would be voting in person during the Tuesday election.

“As a result, Poll Manager Frank Padula was directed to ensure that Mr. Raymond’s presence would not become a distraction by taking necessary measures to move Mr. Raymond through the process as expeditiously as possible. At no point was this decision made for preferential treatment, but to minimize and avoid a distraction at the poll.”

However, some residents don’t buy it. Voter Alan Christian told WSBTV that he waited in line for 45 minutes and despite the fact that Usher’s a celebrity, he should have had to do the same. “I take the voting process very seriously, and I was just taken aback that this was allowed to happen,” he said, adding that he should have opted for an absentee ballot instead.

There was also conflict over the phone pics the “Yeah” singer snapped of himself at the polling site, being that Georgia’s law prohibits people from taking photos or film on site, unless given consent by the poll manager. However, the county officials said that Usher also received permission to take pics, too.

See the Instagram pic below.


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