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The Game for mankind? 

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We think so! 

Cali rapper The Game spent his time watching the election in New York City this year, but he wasn’t just watching people make their way to the polls; he actually helped them get there!

New York City’s subway system is still recovering from the substantial damage Hurricane Sandy caused, and with the gas shortage in full effect, The Game felt compelled to give people rides through the Lincoln Tunnel to make it to the polls. 

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The Game didn’t stop at giving people rides to and from polling places, he also gave 500 people $20 to catch a cab to polling places. 

TMZ Reports

Rapper The Game isn’t letting New Yorkers use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse not to vote today — in fact, he tells TMZ, he’s already shelled out $10,000 to 500 voters stranded by the storm … in order to help them make it to the polls.

Game tells us, the money was intended to help voters who were hit hard by last week’s disaster to pay for gas or another form of transportation in order to cast their ballot.

And get this — Game says he’s so committed to the cause … he even helped shuttle people to the polls in his own car.

Although The Game was in New York City helping people to the polls, he still cast his ballot in California via absentee. 

Kudos to The Game for his good deeds. 


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