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Fall is the trickiest season of them all. Some days fall can be the distant cousin of late August, right before doing a 180 and becoming the best friend to father frost and winter himself.

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But even trickier than the season itself, is dressing for it. Between the rainy days, morning chills and mild afternoons, there is only one answer for the unpredictable fall weather: Layers. 

Layering is not the easiest thing to do, but it is pretty much imperative when it comes to transferring seasons seamlessly and dealing with the bipolar temperatures throughout the day. 

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From the heat of the subway to the chill of the city, check out the ultimate guide to layering below, and we are sure you’ll be happy to know that some summer items still have a shot at making a cameo. 

Think beyond the jacket. A rule I like to follow is the double top layer rule. If you’re planning a day out, nobody wants to cover up a fab outfit with a frumpy coat, so treat your last two layers as your jacket. If you’re going for a chunky knit and vest look like above, be sure you are fully equipped with a close fitting long sleeve shirt underneath and a cozy tank under that. Dress under these layers in a way that gives you options to remove layers as the day progresses (which means no dingy underclothes!)

Find the perfect black boot like your entire outfit depends on it, because it does! Pair black tights, stockings or jeans with any of these styles of black boots for a neutral bottom that allows you to get creative with the layering on top. Faux fur vest with a chambray shirt? Sure, you can absolutely pull that off if it is kept simple on the bottom. 

When your feet are cold, the world kind of sucks a little. Release your legs from the confines of jeans all fall, by pairing over the knee socks and leg warmers with your favorite booties and a pair of stockings. Monochromatic looks make the over the knee trend a little less hookerish and easier to pull off. 

Don’t stash your summer sheers. The sheer trend was huge this summer, but this trend can be followed up in fall if you just follow one simple rule: Layer. Adding dimensions to your outfit without overheating is easy with sheer tops. Slip one on and then pull your favorite knit over it, or top a basic long sleeve tee with a sheer top to add a little bit of fun to the look. 

Play up summer dresses with grunge fall additives. The end of summer doesn’t mean death to all dresses; you can revive them by using all the tips we provided above. Layer under your dresses with tanks, tights and tall boots, and then simply add your favorite jacket and scarf. Stay away from tropic prints when it comes to reviving your summer best, but hang on to dresses that have bright solid colors that can be toned down with neutral winter additives. 

Keep a pair of trendy gloves on hand for when using that smartphone in the cold gets a little unbearable. Give yourself a warm pat on the back in one of these stylish gloves, because you, my friend, have finally mastered the art of layering. 

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