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Will the real Jewish rapper please stand up? 

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: Shyne “Gangland” 

Last night, Rick Ross released his highly anticipated mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah, and Jewish rapper Shyne isn’t a happy camper. 

The “That’s Gangsta” rapper aired out Rick Ross and his efforts to make being a black Jew trendy on Twitter.

In an interview with MTV, the Orthodox Jewish rapper claimed Rick Ross was “obsessed” with him, stating: 

“I ain’t mad. It’s just, I think he’s corny. … I have no respect for what he represents, for who he is, let’s just start with that. The Black Bar Mitzvah, to me, you’re on me, you’re obsessed with everything Shyne. All of a sudden, you running with the Star of David and dudes is Jewish now all of a sudden?”

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross “The Black Bar Mitzvah” 

After his MTV interview, Shyne took to his Twitter and went on a rant about Rick Ross’ former career as a corrections officer and Ross wanting to be like him. 

Shyne tweeted: 

Over the years, Rick Ross always seemed supportive of Shyne’s career and even spoke highly of his 2004 album, Godfather Buried Alive:

“That last album, Godfather Buried Alive, sh*t was hard. He most definitely can get anything he needs on this side from n*ggas like us.”

Well, hopefully Shyne and Rozay can “shalom” this one out.