REVOLT announced a special episode of REVOLT Black News highlighting the discrimination against politician and former Bad Boy Entertainment star Jamal “Shyne” Barrow as he runs for Prime Minister in his home country Belize.

Today, Shyne is a father, husband, and politician who goes by Moses Michael Levi Barrow... head inside for photos.

More backlash for Kanye West as some of his peers are taking him to town for his slavery is a choice comments on TMZ. Legendary Brooklyn rapper Shyne took to Instagram to declare Ye’ a #SlaveryDenier Shyne wrote: “Imagine If Kanye West said the Holocaust was a choice?🤔 He would’ve lost everything! Every Jewish organization […]

Shyne has had many ups and downs in his career, but the rapper seems to have found a peaceful place in his life.

When Shyne said he was working on some new new, we didn’t think this is what he was going to hit us with. The rapper announced a new career path…as a clothing designer.  Shyne announced that he is launching Gangland clothing line, a partnership with U.A.O.P Ruprai, an emerging clothing designer who has also created […]

Just when we thought we’ve experienced the last of Shyne’s wrath, he threatens to have a “Kanye West Meltdown” if President Obama doesn’t do more to curb the violence in Chicago.  DETAILS: Shyne Disses Kendrick Lamar’s New Album, Calls It “Trash” Over the past year, President Obama has actually addressed the violence in Chicago and […]

And the beef continues.  DETAILS: Shyne Disses Kendrick Lamar, Calls His Album “Trash”  Rapper Shyne has found himself in an all out battle with a plethora of rappers over the past few months. From Rick Ross and Drake, to Kendrick Lamar and The Game, Shyne’s been very vocal about all the rappers he “don’t like.”  […]

Although music is considered a “secular” art form in religion, artists sometimes love to channel their inner righteousness while creating music.  VIDEO: Shyne “Psalms 68 (Guns & Moses)  More recently, artists in hip-hop have been titling their diss tracks after Bible verses that share the word on how to deal with enemies and trespassers.  Rapper […]

ScHoolBoy Q comes to the defense of his Black Hippy Crew brother Kendrick Lamar.  NEW MUSIC: Kendrick Lamar “The Jig Is Up (Dump ‘N)”  Kendrick Lamar’s major label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d. city landed at the number two spot on Billboard with 242,122 copies sold in the first week. And in typical hip-hop fashion, when one […]

Shyne Po has really been on a “that’s that sh*t I don’t like” rampage lately.  DETAILS: SHOTS FIRED! Shyne Calls Drake “Corny”  A few weeks ago, Shyne claimed Rick Ross was “obsessed” with him and stated he hated Rozay’s The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape. Days later, Shyne began airing out Drake, calling him corny and […]

And the haterade guzzler of the year award goes to…Shyne.  DETAILS: Shyne Says Rick Ross Is “Obsessed” With Him “That’s Gangsta” rapper Shyne made headlines this morning after he went on a Twitter rant attacking Kendrick Lamar’s major label debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, calling the album “trash.” Shyne Po has been straying from […]

Shyne isn’t taking any prisoners this week.  SHOTS FIRED! Shyne Says Rick Ross Is “Obsessed With Him  Last month, Shyne fired shots at Diddy for not keeping his promise to get him back in the states, and even released a diss song. The shots didn’t cease there, Shyne also fired shots at Rick Ross for […]