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Jamal (Shyne) Barrow, a rap protege of Sean (Puffy) Combs, l

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Earlier this week Diddy shouted Shyne out in an Instagram post, saying he was proud of the former rapper.

The two have an intricate history, seeing as Shyne’s promising career at Bad Boy came to a screeching halt when he, along with Diddy and J. Lo, became entangled in a 1999 Club New York shooting. Diddy was acquitted, but Shyne was found guilty of assault, reckless endangerment, and gun possession.

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Already a Hip Hop legend in his own right, Shyne would go on to serve approximately 9 years in prison before being deported to his homeland, Belize. During his time behind bars, he found Judaism, formally converting to Orthodox Judaism upon his release.

Today, Shyne goes by Moses Michael Levi Barrow and continues to build upon that positive path as an active and charitable member of his community, a father, husband, and more. Additionally, he’s following in the footsteps of his father and his father’s grandfather by expanding his career in politics.

In his post, Diddy wrote “BELIZE 🇧🇿 I’m so proud of my brother @shyne_bz and the journey he is on. He is running for the House of Representatives and needs your support. #BadBoy4Life ✊🏿🖤”

Check out some of what Shyne’s been up to below. We are wishing him nothing but the best!

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While he’s not the same rapper we used to know…

… He is following in the footsteps of so many inspirational leaders in his family and it’s beautiful to see.

He’s a husband and dad to a beautiful baby girl. #GirlDad.

But he’s all about looking out for ALL the kids of Belize.

He’s still keeping up with some of his old friends.

He’s got no problem schooling the kids and unlearned in their African history.

He’s all about the Black vote.

And like us, he wants justice for the countless lives lost to police violence and racism. Blessings Shyne!