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Shyne has had many ups and downs in his career, but the rapper seems to have found a peaceful place in his life.

The 37-year-old recently revealed he’s in line to be the prime minister of Belize.

He told Bossip:

“I’m going to be in Parliament in Belize very soon. I’m going to be leading my nation and contributing to my nation with all the capacity that I have. My father is the right honorable prime minister, and he’s retiring and I’m succeeding him and my uncle. So I can continue in the legacy of my father and serve the people.”

He continued:

“I love Belize. I love what I do for Belize. Everyday I change somebody’s life. My father is the right honorable prime minister of Belize for the last three, consecutive terms, and that gives me access to resources, to power and influence to help poor people, to help people with limited income, people that are struggling and suffering the way I used to as a child.”

The former Bad Boy emcee has been living in his home country of Belize since his release from prison on assault and gun charges in October 2009. He’s stayed under the radar until last May, when he performed via video satellite at the Bad Boy Family Reunion show in New York. He also revealed that he’s currently working on new music:

“I’m actually working on a rap/dancehall album right now, which is one of the reasons I’m down here (Belize). So I got this Diamond League rhythm that I just did. Popcaan, I just talked to him, we’re gonna do a record. So we doing it, ten songs, rap/dancehall. I’m working with Universal Studios so that’s going to be the Shyne proper album. So you’re definitely gonna have new music from Shyne over the next 12 months.”

From bad boy to prime minister…can’t stop, won’t stop.


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