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More backlash for Kanye West as some of his peers are taking him to town for his slavery is a choice comments on TMZ. Legendary Brooklyn rapper Shyne took to Instagram to declare Ye’ a #SlaveryDenier

Shyne wrote:

“Imagine If Kanye West said the Holocaust was a choice?🤔 He would’ve lost everything! Every Jewish organization would’ve come out against such a disgusting statement and made sure he withdrew such blasphemy!

Where is the outrage from the African American community?

You guys just going to sit there and allow Kanye to be a Slavery denier? It doesn’t matter how much of a Musical genius he is, his lunacy has crossed the line! Slavery Genocide was never a Choice!

If all the entertainers and athletes and media moguls don’t band together and put this lunatic in his place then everything our forefathers fought and died for is in vain! The Jewish community would never allow any pop rapper to deny the holocaust without penalty!

Why is slavery different?

All Americans and people around the world should stand up against Kanye West’s unconscionable lies about slavery!

You have a choice!”


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