In an exclusive clip from 'The Confessions of Frannie Langton,' we see Benham ask Frannie for help and in return she strikes a deal.

Ben Foster's villainous role as Jim Fassel in 'Emancipation' directly correlates to the racism and antisemitism that persists today.

Global Grind interviewed 'Emancipation' actress Charmaine Bingwa about working with Will Smith and the love story at the core of the film.

Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua discuss their film 'Emancipation' which begins streaming on Apple TV + on December 9th. The film is based on the subject of the famed 'Whipped Peter' photograph, an image of a formerly enslaved man with a badly scarred back, which became a viral visual aid in the American anti-slavery movement.

Watch the official trailer for new dramatic thriller film, Alice, starring Keke Palmer and Common.

Only a handful of cities have even considered reparations, let alone approved them.

Kanye West headed home to Chicago to sit down with 107.5’s WGCI Morning Show today and while there he addressed a plethora of topics, including Trump, Drake and Pusha T‘s beef, and even that unbelievable slavery was “a choice” comment. Earlier this month, ‘Ye seemed to have no idea how to respond when Jimmy Kimmel […]

More backlash for Kanye West as some of his peers are taking him to town for his slavery is a choice comments on TMZ. Legendary Brooklyn rapper Shyne took to Instagram to declare Ye’ a #SlaveryDenier Shyne wrote: “Imagine If Kanye West said the Holocaust was a choice?🤔 He would’ve lost everything! Every Jewish organization […]

This White kid is getting dragged to filth for his racist prom proposal.

This past week, uproar spread across the Internet when it was revealed that African migrants and refugees were being sold as slaves in Libya. Everyone from Diddy to Common has spoken out on the news and Card B is definitely not leaving herself out the conversation. She gave a quick explanation as to how such […]