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Thursday night’s Vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan revealed a lot of new information about both candidates, but a little more about Paul than expected.

VP Joe Biden came at Paul with force as he addressed him for criticizing President Obama’s stimulus acts, despite sending two requests for stimulus funds.

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Joe first revealed Paul’s requests during the debate:

“I’m not allowed to show letters here, but go on our website. He sent me two letters saying, by the way, can you send me some stimulus money for companies here in the state of Wisconsin?”

Paul then responded:

“On two occasions we advocated for constituents who were applying for grants.”

Then Joe came back with:

“I love that, I love that,” Biden said, laughing. “This is such a bad program and he writes me a letter saying — writes the Department of Energy a letter saying — the reason we need this stimulus, it will create growth and jobs. His words. And now he’s sitting here looking at me.”

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It seemed as though he might have wanted to call Paul a liar stuttering as he said:

“I wish he would just tell the — be a little more candid.”

Apparently, Joe Biden was mistaken about both of Paul’s requests, since according to the Huffington Post, Paul actually sent a total of four requests.

Paul said of the requests to the site:

“Part of being a congressman is vouching for constituents and helping them navigate the federal bureaucracy when asked.”

The site also reports that in late December 2009 and early January 2010, “Ryan wrote three separate letters to the EPA on behalf of the Village of Sharon in an attempt to secure $550,000 in stimulus funds for utility repairs.”

Check out the video above to see Biden go at Paul Ryan for his stimulus funds requests.