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Needless to say, a serious night turned hilarious in just seconds thanks to Twitter.

After one of Liberia’s leading physicians died to the deadly Ebola virus over the weekend, two American workers have been diagnosed with the disease. Nancy Writebol, of Charlotte, N.C. and Dr. Kent Brantley tested positive for the disease. Writebol is a U.S aid worker who worked with relief organization, SIM. Brantley of Fort Worth, Texas […]

A Denver man wanted on drug charges was caught on camera (in extremely clear detail) leading police on a high-speed chase in which he carjacked three vehicles, throwing the drivers out on the side of the road. One of the car’s passengers was an unattended four-year-old boy. Ryan Stone stole a car from a gas station […]

Forget systematic racism and discrimination. Lazy men are to blame for poverty in the inner city. Which for House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) is totally a code word for men of color living in the inner city. During an appearance on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America to preview his upcoming legislative proposals for reforming America’s poverty programs, […]

Here we go! Former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan (Wis.) said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have taken better care of the nation’s fiscal crisis if she were president. VIDEO: “I Was Literally Inaugurated Four Days Ago!” Obama & Clinton Talk Election 2016 In Joint “60 Minutes” Interview!  On NBC’s Meet The Press, […]

Of course Paul Ryan doesn’t think that the Romney-Ryan ticket agenda to cut taxes for the wealthy, repeal healthcare reform, or get rid of Medicaid contributed to their loss in the presidential election, because that would make too much sense. Instead he blames the “urban” vote for stopping their quest for the White House. PHOTO: He’s Going Down! […]

Paul Ryan, the GOP VP nominee, laid out the plan that he and his running mate Mitt Romney plan to implement to help poor people reach upward mobility, should they win the election … which is slashing government safety net programs. VIDEO: Nice Look! Colin Powell: “I’ll Be Voting For” Obama  Ryan explained that in order to […]

Mitt Romney may have “binders full of women,” but they still aren’t messing with him or his clique! STORY: Obama Says Kids Know Mitt Romney Is A “Bullsh—er!”  Here’s why… When the GOP nominee ran for Governor of Massachusetts, he pledged to protect a woman’s right to choose.  He shot down speculation that he was against […]

Remember the sensation that the “Obama Girl” caused in the social media world back in 2008? VIDEO: Round Two! Obama & Romney Face Off At The Second Presidential Debate Well, this time around the “Paul Ryan Girl” is proving that she too has the same effect!  Meredith Walker stars in a popular parody video that dotes […]

With three weeks until Election Day, the race is heating up and it seems as if Republican candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, would say and do anything to win over voters.   STORY: Go Get ‘Em! 5 Attack Points Obama Should Mention In The Second Debate  Last week, the Ryan campaign […]

State Representative Roger Rivard is losing support quickly from Wisconsin Republicans after his comment told to a newspaper, “some girls rape easy.” According to the Huffington Post, Governor Tommy Thompson put out a statement saying that he was “offended” by what the state lawmaker said. DETAILS: Who Was Lyin’? The Truth Behind Joe & Paul’s Blow-For-Blow […]