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After one of Liberia’s leading physicians died to the deadly Ebola virus over the weekend, two American workers have been diagnosed with the disease. Nancy Writebol, of Charlotte, N.C. and Dr. Kent Brantley tested positive for the disease. Writebol is a U.S aid worker who worked with relief organization, SIM. Brantley of Fort Worth, Texas was exposed to the virus on July 23, but tested negative. It wasn’t until a later testing that proved he had the virus. Dr. Samuel Brisbane, a high-ranking physician in Liberia died of the disease over the weekend. Over 700 people have died of the disease in West Africa. [Daily Beast

A family of five from Saco, Maine were found dead in their home from an apparent murder-suicide. The family was discovered by a neighbor who was worried about the family. The mother and father, both in their 30’s were found dead with their children, aged 9,7 and 4-years-old. A gun was found by one of the bodies.  [Boston Herald]

In an interview with “Meet The Press,” Rep. Paul Ryan accused President Barack Obama of creating a system that has increased the chances of poverty for citizens in the U.S. Ryan believes that the programs in place at the White House help families maintain in poverty, rather than helping them escape it. In Ryan’s poverty proposal, the former vice president nominee wants to take 11 of the country’s anti-poverty programs like food stamps and housing vouchers and dissolve them into state-by-state programs. [Huffington Post]

Gunfire from rival militias in Benghazi has led to death of 38 people over the weekend. Rockets fired  also hit civilians homes, killing and wounding several people. Groups in favor of Gen. Khalifa Hifter led the fight that lasted from Saturday to early Sunday morning. Eight militia fighters were killed along with the brother of an alleged leader of an al-Qaida-inspired group.  [Huffington Post

So this happened. Julius Lupowitz tried to avoid a $200 speeding ticket by calling in a fake attempted murder to 911. Dispatchers were able to identify Lupowitz as soon as the police officer who pulled him over, responded to the call. Lupowitz now faces a felony charge that can land him in prison for five years. [CNN]


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